Corporate Policy

Policy Concept

Management Concept


Pursuit of Client Satisfaction

            We continue to innovate and adapt to changing technologies to provide high quality construction works and services in response to the needs of our Clients.

Enhancement of Shareholder Value

            We make sustainable business development through effective management, thereby maintaining profitability that boost Shareholder value.

Respect for Employees’ Vitality

            We create a proactive progressive work environment where our employees’ individuality are respected, abilities are appreciated, and contributions are rewarded.

Social Emphasis

            We practice fair corporate activities and aim to become a good corporate citizen worthy of trust by our society.

Contribution to Global Environment

            We constantly strive to be an eco-friendly contractor that values harmonious co-existence of human and nature.


Core Business Beliefs

SMCC Philippines, Inc. sets its priorities on getting the job done by valuing the trust of our clients, and improving the reliability of our services and creativity of our designs. Over the years, it has grown into one of the world’s largest general contractors, developing a reputation for quality work, considering safety and environment even under very difficult technical conditions.

This would never have been possible without the right quality personnel to do the job. This factor when combined with practical experience ensures our customers that no matter what the job is, the right company is SMCC Philippines Inc.