About Us

Sumitomo Mitsui Construction Co. Ltd. is the result of the merger between Japan’s two biggest construction companies, Mitsui Construction Co., Ltd. And Sumitomo Construction Co., Ltd. on April 1, 2003. Through synergy, the representative offices and subsidiaries from both companies that have grown throughout Asia, Africa, and the USA have unified their know-how, experiences and resources which further enabled the company to establish a worldwide reputation for quality and expertise.

On September 25, 1995, the local subsidiary SMCC Philippines, Inc. (formerly Sumicon Philippines Inc.) was established and registered as a general construction company. SMCC Philippines provides architectural and civil engineering services that include planning, design, project implementation and management, and other ancillary services related to construction.

The strategic affiliation with business partners, allows the company to confidently undertake and manage even the largest and most complex projects. Its expertise includes:


Skyscraper technology

Bridge and Road construction technology

Plant and Factory construction technology

Power Plant technology (Coal, Geothermal, Wind)

Precast and concrete technology

Underground and Dam Marine structure technology


SMCC Philippines, Inc. has grown rapidly to now stand as one of the largest foreign contractor operating in the country. Projects completed cover both civil and building works including some of the country’s flagship projects that generated thousands of jobs for the Filipino people, thereby contributing to the country’s development.

SMCC Philippines, Inc. takes pride for making positive contribution to the society and shall continue doing so through conscientious business operation providing the most trustworthy, reliable, and creative design and build solutions.

We have grown bigger and ready for the new age of technological innovations where the Future, the People, the Earth and the Environment are taken into account.

We shall continue our commitment of service to our customers, shareholders, employees, and the society and work towards the achievement of lasting contributions in the field of construction.