• COVID-19 Management Plan


    The fight against Corona virus will be a long-term battle, and a second and third wave pandemic is  conceivable. Therefore, it is necessary to continue basic corona virus measures until the WHO declaration of corona virus end or concrete solution to COVID-19 is available.

    In the lifestyle of with corona virus, SMCC Philippines, Inc. sets new protocol and guidelines to assist in implementing the Preventive Measure against Corona Infection. The use of face mask, face shield, hand hygiene, body temperature check and physical distancing are mandatory for all employees to eliminate the spread of infection.


    1) Face Mask and Face Shield

     Face mask must be worn at all times Medical grade mask are highly en-couraged and should be properly dis-pose after use.
     Face shields and mask should always be worn together when interacting or talking with colleagues, clients and visitors.


    2) Physical Distancing

     At least 2 meters shall be observed at all time. This must be practiced in combination with the wearing of face masks and face shields.


    3) Avoid 3Cs

     Avoid Closed spaces with poor ventilation, Crowded places with many people nearby and Closed contact settings such as closed ranged conversation.


    4) Greeting to Staff, Guest and Visitors

     No hand shaking. Just bow down or say hello from minimum distance of 2 meters.


    5) Disinfection

     Frequent handwashing with soap and water or the application of the alcohol-based disin-fectants are mandatory in all workplaces.

    6) Ventilation

     Open or close windows regularly or periodically to circulate air in the office.
     The opening of windows , with atleast three inches of opening, while in transit should be practiced.


    7) Meetings

     Videoconferencing is highly encourage for meetings needing large number of attendees and for meetings lasting longer than 15 minutes.


    8) Events and Gathering

     No hosting of event or major gathering without prior coordination and approval.


    9) Exercise

     Regular Warm ups and exercise are mandatory to reduce the risk of getting sick.

     Indoor exercise and non-contact sports are allowed and encouraged.


    10) Travel and Transportation

     Service vehicle are provided to avoid the use of public transportation. Un-necessary travel is strictly prohibited.