Everybody deserves a break” said one staff during SMCC Philippines, Inc. Team Building Activity 2018 last April 28-29, 2018 at Palm Beach Resort.

    With the theme “Work Hard, Play Hard”, everybody who attended – staffs and managers of various Luzon sites – indeed had a break from being construction and corporate co-workers during the 2-day activity.

    As organized by the HR Department, with the help of some committee members from different departments, the team building activity was organized to enhance employee motivation and camaraderie and at the same time give respite to its employees.


    Team Building Activity Proper

    Attendees were divided into four groups namely Daisy, Orchid, Blue and Green Team.

    The activities were divided into two categories: table tournament and the amazing challenge.



    First activity was the table tournament wherein members executed various table challenges.













    The second set of activities was called the amazing challenge wherein groups had to perform several physical and mental activities.




    Obstacle Course










    Egg Ship


    Fill it up




    In the end, all teams were able to accomplish the challenges. All of the activities were time based and the team who finished it with the lowest time was declared champion.


    Fourth place:

    Orchid Team



    Third place:

    Green Team



    Second place and cheerleading winner:

    Blue Team




    Daisy Team



    SMCC Philippines is not only committed to building infrastructures but is also committed to building healthier professional relationships among its employees. It strives to maintain harmonious connections within the workplace through building trust and exercising communication thereby increasing employee motivation and productivity.

    Not only did the team building promoted as what was stated but it also gave employees the chance to relax and enjoy the summer heat, not at the construction site, but on the beach.