• TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More

    ​SMCC Philippines, Inc. Team Building 2016

    August 6-7, 2016


    TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More


    It is said that a healthy, sound and mutual corporate relationship in the workplace can only be achieved if the people comprising it know their importance as a member and when this importance is continuously assimilated with each other.

    That is why the SMCC Management, spearheded by the Human Resource Team, in coalition with other department, decided to reorganize a Team Building Activity for MAkati Head Office and Luzon Sites again after 15 years to be able to improve and increase employee motivation and interaction.

    This team building activity is a 2-Day activity held last August 6-7, 2016 at Caliraya Resort Club in Lumban, Laguna.

    Everyone felt ecstatic when the said activity has taken shape after several years of conceptualizing and proposing.


    Team Building Proper

    The competitive spirits of each team rose even before the activities began. While on the way, everyone was entertained through singing their hearts out by a karaoke on the bus. Travel time going to the venue was 4 hours including the boat ride.

    The whole SMCC Team was divided into 4 color groups namely the Green Team, Red Team, Blue Team and the Orange Team which is comprised of members randomly selected from different departments and sites.



    The activity began at exactly 2PM as facilitated by Caliraya. The activity officially started with an opening remarks by the GM Mr. Aoki. The Cheerleading competition started first in which each team creatively made their cheers and chants matching some dance moves.

    After which, the main game started. The main game is basically inspired to the "Amazing Race Challenge" in which every team shall undergo series of activities and has to complete activity before going on to the next. All team members must be complete on all stations before each activity starts. The first team to finish all activities under given mechanics will be hailed as the champion.

    The first activity on the game was the map search wherein the colored map pieces were hidden on the Welcome Sign at the Muti-Purpose Hall. Each team must be able to complete the map before proceeding to the next activity.

    The next activity was the wall climbing and rappelling wherein each team must have 6 representatives (4 men & 2 women) to climb up on top and tap the metal tupe and rappel down so the next player can climb up next.


    Next on the wall climbing was the swimming race in which 10 representatives (5 men & 5 women) shall cross the the 5ft swimming pool.


    After the swimming race, the groups shall race up to the lake for the kayaking. This time each group must have 6 representatives in any gender.



    After kayaking, the group shall run to the basketball court for the ball shooting where each team must be able to score 8 points to be able to proceed to the next activity.

    After the ball shooting, everyone must run up the hill on to the obstacle course challenge where 15 members shall pass through it.

    Then the members shall run up to the mud slide and have 10 members in groups of 5 shall slide down and splash on to the mud.

    The last activity was that all members of the team shall cross the hanging bridge.

    In the end, the winning team was the Orange Team followed by the Blue Team, 3rd place was the Red Team and then the 4th place went to the Green Team.
    Green Team was also hailed champion for the cheering competition.


    Evening Program

    After the tiring activities, the GM of Caliraya gave a short talk and insights of what was the event all about. He highlighted that as a team, everyone should work as one and that each one is as important as anyone else in the team. And that the heart of team building is the notion that the team is a single body that brings together independent personalities, which one can do a lot, but together can achieve so much more. And also, the very essence of the activity is to increase staff productivity by increasing employee's motivation, improve the quality of their decisions and improve their interaction in the work.

    Of course the SMCC Employees had the chance to chill and relax during the evening program as hosted by DJ and Debbie of the Marketing and Admin Department respectively. The activities during the night were Karaoke singing contest and Pinoy Henyo.

    The evening program ended with a closing remark from HR Manager Mr. Raymond Jacob.

    Everyone who joined the activity got their share of enjoyment and were able to connect and build relationship with other employees.

    Indeed, the whole team building activity was a blast.