• SMCC Philippines, Inc. Mangrove Tree Planting

    As a growing company with huge responsibilities with the environment, SMCC Philippines, Inc. is continuously promoting environmental care and awareness to save and preserve our Mother Earth.


    Fresh from the company’s tree planting activity last year, SMCC Philippines, Inc. conducted its second tree planting activity last March 25, 2017 at Brgy. Pulvorista, Kawit, Cavite, thanks to the approval and support from the management headed by SMCC Philippines, Inc. General Manager, Mr. Motohiro Aoki; and Assistant General Manager, Mr. Seishi Yamada. With the guidance of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) - Provincial Environmental and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) - Cavite, we planted mangrove trees for this year.


    Upbringing the theme “Plant Today for a Better Tomorrow”, the mangrove tree planting activity was attended by (35) thirty-five staffs and managers from Makati, MMMA, and SMY office, together with (15) fifteen DENR representatives who again guided us in our cause to diminish the unfavorable effects of the global warming. It was also attended by Engineering/CSR Manager, Mr. John Barrientos together with his family, Japanese ex-pat and Business Development & Marketing Department Manager, Mr. Jiro Hashimoto, and Human Resource Department Manager, Mr. Raymond Jacob.

    A total of 1,500 mangrove propagules to be planted by SMCC staffs and some of the teachers of Cavite National Science High School.

    DENR-PENRO Cavite Forester 1 and Team Leader, Mr. Rhex Calipdan gave us brief information about the mangrove trees, proper way of planting the propagules, and how would it save the earth from disastrous calamities.



    We arrived at the tree planting site at around 8 o’clock in the morning. Before getting in to the mangrove area, we had a more or less 5-minute walk along a narrow soil surrounded by mangrove trees. The mangrove tree planting activity started with a prayer led by Mr. Brayner Navergas of SMCC PH - MMMA project site, followed by an introductory message from Mr. Geronimo Lopez, DENR EMS/NGP Coordinator. Afterwards, a short message from one of the main organizers, Mr. Daniel Jerome Calalang of the Business Development & Marketing Department. Finally, the enlightening guide on how to plant the mangrove propagules by Mr. Rhex Calipdan, Forester 1 and Team Leader of DENR-PENRO Cavite.


    After the brief introduction from SMCC and DENR, the attendees are now excited to plant trees, knowing they will contribute again in any way possible to prevent the impending effects of global warming and climate change. First-time volunteers were also enthusiastic to experience the fun and excitement in planting mangrove trees.


    SMCC PH staffs and managers have to cross the extremely muddy location to plant mangrove trees.



    The tree planting was very challenging because of the mangrove setting. The location was extremely muddy and the water level is knee-deep. Most of us had a difficult time walking towards the planting area.


    When we arrived at the planting area, not minding the heat of the sun, we carefully planted our mangrove propagules. Everyone had their smiles while planting. We silently prayed for the mangroves to grow and be maintained. The challenges and the efforts in planting suddenly turned into satisfaction, fulfillment and accomplishment.


    It is a fun but at the same time challenging activity. Exerting all the efforts of each of every participant, the appreciation to the nature is prevalent knowing that everyone contributed for one cause, and feel a different surrounding by being away to the concrete jungle of Metro Manila.



    Actual mangrove tree planting result fulfilled and proud SMCC employees.


    All smiles from SMCC PH Business Development and Marketing Department Manager, Mr. Hashimoto as he enjoys planting mangrove trees with the Filipino staffs.



    Mr. Barrientos and family are happily having their bonding while planting mangrove trees.


    The SMCC staffs and managers walked through a difficult way with one common goal: Plant trees together. The camaraderie and togetherness shared were intact as we have unity to plant trees, and help save the nature together.


    After half an hour of mangrove tree planting, we went back to the gathering area to wash and clean-up after a tiring, muddy, but fun tree planting activity.



    SMCC volunteers poses for a picture after a fun and muddy mangrove tree planting experience.



    We had our savory lunch afterwards followed by a short program wherein we acknowledged the participation of the SMCC staffs and the guidance of DENR. SMCC Managers led by Mr. John Barrientos, Mr. Raymond Jacob, and Mr. Jiro Hashimoto lend their inspiring messages regarding the mangrove tree planting.





    SMCC Managers gave their inspirational messages during a short awarding ceremony after the mangrove tree planting activity.



    Mr. Rhex Calipdan of DENR (right) awarding the Certificate of Appreciation to Mr. Jiro Hashimoto for the continuous support and concern of SMCC Philippines, Inc. to the environment by conducting a mangrove tree planting activity.


    “We plant trees not only for the present generation, but also to save the future generations.

    The legacy that we will leave by this kind of activity will be forever marked

    to the construction industry, to the DENR, to our clients,

    and to the people.”

    - SMCC Philippines, Inc.




    We, SMCC Philippines, Inc., not just only construct, but also aiming to reduce the effects of the global warming and make our earth a better place to live in. In line of our Environmental, Health, & Safety program, tree planting is one of the best activities that we can offer our time to help in preserving the ecology as we already are engaged with tree planting activity every year.


    This activity is not possible without the support from our management, all responsible departments, managers, staffs, drivers, and utilities; the DENR; and of course, God who gave us the strength and opportunity to do our cause.



    SMCC Philippines, Inc. Mangrove Tree Planting Activity 2017 Participants


    Nothing is impossible if we work together and we think for the future. SMCC Philippines, Inc. encourages every organization and individual to support and join activities that will keep the environment alive and restored.


    Plant today for a better tomorrow!